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Why learn Russian?

The country of russia is a virtual wealth of history and culture. It’s a unique way of life with many interesting and unique traditions. The Russian language remains a significant player on the world’s linguistic map. Out of approximately 300 million humans in the world understand Russian and 160 million identify it to be their native language. Russian language is ranked the fifth most familiar language in the global. Russian is definitely one of the 10 basic tongues on the world stage.

The reasons are many and varied why you may want to learn russian. Possibly you want the sound of the russian vocabulary, or you may appreciate the russian ballet and literature, or want to get a russian girlfriend or meet your prince charming. Maybe you intend to do business in russia or perhaps are thinking about travelling to moscow as a tourist.

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Russian is not studied very much by most of the western cultures. Less than five percent of the western cultures claim Russian as a their second language. Westerners have a tendency to gravitate towards other western languages like french and spanish because of their familiarity, however the fact is a large percentage of people in those nations can already speak English, so if you want to expand the number of people you can communicate with, Russian would be a natural choice. There are over a hundred and forty million human beings that speak only Russian, so you have added a huge bloc of speakers to your communication group.

Russian music and literature are remarkable

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You are probably obsessed with russian classical literature and might have dreamed of studying the works of russian classics in their native language. Talented russian writers – bunin, chekhov, pushkin – are authors of amazingly interesting literary works. The well-known writings of leo tolstoy, fyodor dostoevsky and nikolai gogol carry the essence of the russian soul. Many brilliant musicians and singers such like oistrakh, chaliapin, tchaikovsky, and dozens others additionally came from russia. Equally famous are the russian ballet artists and its stars anna pavlova, mikhail baryshnikov, and rudolf nureyev. Russian cultural history is widely recognized at the center stage of much of European history and a good understanding is attained by a study of the russian language.

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Travel and speak russian — they will love you

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speak russian and they will love you!

If you’re an bold traveler and russia is the next location on your list, you will find it both captivating and tremendously interesting. It occupies a vast territory providing lots of possibilities to enjoy large cities, extraordinary seashores, revel in the taiga with its various flora and fauna and then go to unexplored places in the Russian wilderness. The vastness of Russia provides so much to see, experience and do. Speaking a little russian will assist you to satisfy all varieties of charming humans and make the most f every moment possible. Russia receives approximately 1/2 the vacationers that spain and italy get, and less than 13rd of what france gets.

Breath-taking places

Some breath-taking places to visit are a tour on the trans-siberian railway, maybe attending the 2018 fifa global cup or visiting saint basil’s cathedral and other beautiful attractions in Moscow.

Surprising, an understanding of russian actually opens doors to communicating with asia people such as japan and hong kong, and other countries in Europe like poland and the czech-republic. It opens up a world of possibilities.

Russia is a very lucrative market for other countries. If you are thinking of expanding your commercial enterprise into Russia, you will want to be prepared to talk together with your russian enterprise companions. Russian entrepreneurs are well in global economics and willingly set up commercial enterprise relationships with business associates from abroad. Russia is well represented in the world arena of economics. Because of the enormous size of the country and its natural assets, the russian market is of terrific interest to foreign businessmen, especially those who speak Russian or have at least received some Russian lessons.

Maybe you’ve been enchanted by the beauty and modesty of russian ladies and want to perhaps find your soul mate in russia. Russian women are known for their ability to make terrific hosts. They place great importance on family values and are found to be very pleasing companions.

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Learning russian is not as difficult as some have portrayed it to be. Russian language learning when compared to other languages that are difficult for English speakers, is considered to be relatively easy. Russian doesn’t even appear in the top 10 for difficulty. It’s considered to be easier than arabic, chinese, japanese, and korean.

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The Russian alphabet is smooth and splendidly phonetic. With the learning of a new language, some are intimidated by a new script but greatly overestimate how hard this really is. You will find the new script will be relatively easy to pick up and remember.

Lifestyles in russia

Lifestyles in russia isn’t always similar to the western cultures. The whole task of raising children to family values to friends and relationships has its own unique flavor in russia. An ability to speak basic Russian will give you a great advantage on learning new customs and practices of Russian life. Maybe you’re called to give a significant toast at a reception or sing a tune in a group setting – your understanding of their culture and mindset will be well received.


learn russian language

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Maybe you would like to adopt a child from russia. International adoption of children from russia became viable in the early 1990’s. Since that time, russia has been one of the top countries in promoting adoptions internationally. In modern times, there are approximately 750,000 youngsters living in children’s homes and orphanages in russia. They dream about a brand new circle of relatives, a comfortable house, and affection of parents. And some adults discover that it’s in their power to give the child a miracle and make him or her glad. If you are making plans to adopt a baby or child from russia, you would want to begin your education in Russian speaking so the child may have a fuller and richer heritage.

The Russian language is the most broadly spoken among slavic languages. Russian became one of the languages of worldwide conversation – a worldwide language – as early as within the 20th century. These days, there are fewer than ten global languages in the world and Russian is one of them.

Global friendships for those who learn russian

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russian language is exotic

As you make new friendships around the globe, your russian friends will be some of the most appreciative that you have made the effort to learn their language. There are many significant advances in technology have opened simple methods of communication like the internet, tablets and laptops. Russian internet customers are actively exploring the digital space thru blogs, publishing twitter updates, doing google hangouts and communicating on facebook.

Many Russians are interested in gaining a better understanding of English and learning about western lifestyle. In russian schools, english is taught beginning from the lower grades so many russians can understand a few english phrases and express their thoughts in english. What a pleasure for all if you add Russian to the mix.

You can find Russian in a number of interesting locations like russian radio on listenlive, Youtube films (with subtitles) and fun cartoons for beginners.

History of Russia is a wonder to behold. An understanding of the language naturally leads you to better knowledge of their history, arts, music and composers. The historical past of russia is of exceptional significance for information that affects the world arena. In fact, russia has been instrumental in the development of the world for many centuries. However, the as you examine older documents, you will need a basic understanding of the Russian language to get the most out of your studies.

Join Russian language learning

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Russians are very inclusive with those who are learning their language. Some of the Asian languages are hard to practice because the native speakers are shy, but the opposite is true with Russians. They really appreciate someone taking the time to study their language that they will jump right in and help you. Russians aren’t shy, they may even come across as pretty chatty which is good. Mastering the russian language should be easier for some westerners since english speakers find the russian accent to be uncommon and delightful. You will even find your native language understanding will increase as you learn how to speak Russian.

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You will want to watch this very cool video about learning russian