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Why learn Korean?

learn korean

learn korean

Your interest in study korean may start off because of the interesting and rich way of life in korea, or it may be because of Korea’s outstanding worldwide businesses. They also certainly have a very important state-of-the-art political and military presence in the entire region. A command of the korean language is vital to successfully navigate all matters of these areas. There are various US colleges that provide certain levels of practice like miami college which is primarily based on a teaching software developed on the college of hawaii and used at institutions of higher training throughout the area. However, many are not in a position either financially nor time-wise to be able to attend a specialized university so virtually all of the learning of Korean is done online.

Some may decide to begin the study of speak Korean as an interesting hobby into both the language, the script and the culture.

Korea has emerged as a powerhouse

In recent years, Korea has won popularity as a world player, well-known for its companies (hyundai, samsung) tradition and art (k-pop, okay-dramas), and many more interesting developments!

speak korean

how to study korean

As far as overseas language studies, most college students decide they want to study spanish, french, or german. Nowadays, some are opting to study an Asian language like chinese or Japanese, and Korean because of the very interesting characters and scripts in those languages, as well as the very different lifestyles and cultures.

A short history of korea might prove helpful to one who is considering studying the language. There have been inhabitants on the korean peninsula as far back to the paleolithic age, with agriculture developing all through the bronze age, or round 800 BC. The increased importance of of agriculture brought about the development of gojoseon, korea’s first geographical region. The period following the development of gojoseon was characterized by many wars among specific factions and dynasties, which eventually settled right into a tentative stability referred to as the “3 kingdoms” duration, from fifty seven to approximately 1000 AD. The three kingdoms would subsequently be united through the goryeo dynasty, which became a flourishing kingdom and way of life with coded regulations and a fixed civil law and government. A coup against this dynasty resulted in the formation of the joseion dynasty, which spanned from 1392 to 1910ad.

The alphabet

korean class 101

korean online to learn the alphabet

Early within the 15th century, the korean alphabet changed into created. The joseon dynasty ended with the invasion of korea by japan in 1910, and korea no longer enjoyed its independence and its borders until the conclusion of WWII. Since the cease of wwii, south korea has advanced from a third-world country to a first-rate worldwide powerhouse in the span of just over half of a century. This fantastic monetary and social development has caused south korea’s being named as of the the “asian tiger” economy, during a time when many east asian nations have experienced rapid and sustained monetary and economic development.

Korea has the thirteenth largest economy in the entire world. Today, south korea stands as one of the world leaders in the automation field, with both enterprise and culture turning into a valued export. North korea has not experienced the equal financial growth as has the south, nonetheless stays remains a very important entity in the worldwide political landscape with current changes in the north korean political structure at the forefront of many news stories. There are dramatic tensions between north and south and has been for more than 50 years.

New opportunities are numerous for those who acquire this new language. Learning korean will enable you to communicate both with those on the Korean peninsula as well as other speakers of the language scattered throughout the world.

Learning a new language has a wonderful influence in the life of the learner. A whole new world of customs, religions, and lifestyles become a reality for you. You might even become a helper to a native korean speaker as they improve their relationships with english-speaking colleagues, or you might help the understand the details of your own native language

Travel and speak korean

korean study

study korean

Rich travel experience. If you’re making plans to take a trip to korea, then you genuinely must put some attempt into learning the language. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying for a weekend or several months, the ability to talk korean will avail you in numerous ways. You will be able to find your way around, and adapt to the culture and society. You may be able to learn some Korean through extention courses or local enterprises, but the most common way to learn will be through online courses that have become very adept at teaching the language. You experience will be totally different if you have some language capability because the locals will see you in a whole new light.

korean language

learn korean language at the lake retreat

Studying Korean will give you a better knowledge of the korean culture and concepts. One of the foremost reasons that most people choose to learn korean is because they’re already familiar with some korean products like songs, television shows, and movies. That may be the reason you are considering studying Korean too. Perhaps you watched park chan-wook’s film “oldboy,” and it sparked your interest in korean cinema. Perhaps a friend introduced you to okay-pop artists like psy, women era, iu, or large bang, and now you want to know the lyrics to the songs on your playlist.

Korean TV and drama

Perhaps you found a korean television drama, and also you’ve been addicted to ok-dramas ever since. Some thing has tweaked your interest in the korean people, so getting to know the korean language can help you benefit greatly. Most korean cinema fans are content the usage of subtitles or on-line translations, however if you study the korean language in depth, you to have a deeper and more meaningful understanding of korean songs and themes.

The korean language isn’t as difficult as it appears. Studying hangul, korean script, permits you to analyze the basics. All of a sudden you will say to yourself that you can learn Korean language. With a small effort and some practice, you’ll be able to sing along to the ones ok-pop songs or understand korean television shows without subtitles.

Business opportunities for those who learn korean online

Korean business opportunities are varied and significant. If you have interaction with any korean-speaking contemporaries at work, then learning korean will make you a more treasured asset for your company. With groups like samsung, lg, and hyundai, korea has the thirteenth largest economy within the world. If your company desires to expand their products into korea’s dynamic economy, your understanding of the native language of korean would place you at the leading edge of a good marketing campaign.

korean learning

learn korean language

Learning korean can also assist you increase your personal relationships with korean-speaking people that you have become acquainted with. Your friends will recognize your hard efforts spent in learning a new language, and they’ll be excited and will help you practice and improve your skills. Having the ability to speak korean, even just a little, will put you in the forefront of both personal and business opportunities

If you study korean, you brains get bigger

Did you know learning a new language enhance your brainpower? There are numerous benefits to mastering a 2d language and one of them is an expanded brain capacity to solve many other problems. Being bilingual can stimulate intellectual expansion and enhance mental development. This study allows you to stimulate areas of your mind, which keep your brain lively and wholesome.

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You will soon find out that as you begin your fundamental learning of hangul, your understanding will expand quickly and you will be able to pick up korean vocabulary more easily. Your understanding and comprehension will grow dramatically.

Some are learning korean by purchasing books and listening to hours podcasts and looking at youtube videos. But the most effective way is to learn Korean online. These new programs allow you to both hear and speak. You will hear feedback of your own voice speaking the language. They also provide games and fun activities to keep you engaged. It is the wave of the future of learning.

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Watch this very cool video about learning korean